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with Johanna


Let yourhigher selfspeak

Discover your Life Purpose

Find out about Past Lives & your multidimensional Self

Understand your current Life's circumstances better

Get assistance in Self-Healing

Release Karmic Patterns


... is an open-minded and safe experience that is offering a more metaphysical and spiritual connection for the client.

The healing modality I use is a heart-based method,

a form of Quantum Healing Hypnosis which connects the client with their Higher Self for guidance, self-healing and the exploration of past lives.

Almost like a guided meditation, BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis) allows the client to move into a light trance-like state and into a deep connection to their inner Being.

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BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis) was created by Candace Craw-Goldman who found a method that goes beyond the traditional "Past Life Regression". 

It focuses on an energetic approach to assist clients in self-healing and allows them to explore consciousness.

BQH is closely related to QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by Dolores Cannon). 

Candace Craw-Goldman was taught by Dolores Cannon, is a Level 3 QHHT practitioner and assisted Dolores in many ways. 

After Dolores left the Earth plane, so much has and is continuing to change. 
BQH, the method I work with works
both online and in-person and allows energy workers to use different modalities, depending on what the client needs and what the session offers.


A Quantum Healing Session                                                              consists of...


Where we will speak about your reasons, intentions & a maximum of 8-10 questions you have for the session (approx. 1 hour).




... where I will guide you into a state of deep relaxation.

Your Higher Self will show you in its divine wisdom the past/present/future/parallel lives you need to see.

We will then allow your Higher Self / a Guide / your Star Family / whoever will assist you, to answer the questions you have and to do the Energy Work that is needed (approx. 2 hours).


We will briefly reflect on your session and can speak about ways to integrate what was being said in the session into your daily routine 

(approx. 0.5.-1 hour).

The session will be recorded (without interview & post-talk) and you will receive the MP3 file afterwards. It is important to listen to the recording regularly after the session for further insights, for continued self-healing and to align the conscious mind with the Higher Self.

hypnose therapie berlin

The cosy room in Berlin Neukölln directly by the canal where the in-person sessions take place.

A Quantum Healing session lasts around 4 to max. 5 hours and can be held in English or German, in-person or online.

333€ / $358



After booking the session, try to take some time to slow down daily. Meditation can be extremely beneficial. Allowing the thoughts to drift by by focusing on your breath in silence or by listening to a guided meditation on YouTube - whatever feels right to you and helps you to quiet the mind. After your meditations, allow yourself to stay seated for another moment and become one with this mantra:

"I am one with my Higher Self.

I have a clear & direct communication with my Higher Self.

I trust."

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Your Higher Self will communicate to and through you during your session. You will form pictures/sounds/feelings/... to grasp those messages in your human form and to communicate them. That's why it can be very helpful to exercise this part of you which translates information into imagery. Your Higher Self is not a disconnected energy outside of you, it is not external. It is an expanded presence sending you messages all the time. If you can remember your dreams - this is a way of the Higher Self aspect of you communicating every night! After waking up in the mornings, try to remember your dreams or just one and take some notes. Another imagination exercise could be to imagine the apartment/room/house where you stayed on your last vacation. Close your eyes and walk out the door of this place. Explore the surroundings. What does the area look like?

Another great way to boost your imagination is to simply read a book, best would be a novel where places, situations, people are being described so your imagination can form pictures.


Become really clear about your intention for having a session and write it down. Once you understand exactly why you are booking the session (could be health-, relationship-, life path-, spiritually, ... oriented) you can then sit down and prepare a list of 8-10 questions for the session.


During the session we will ask 8-10 questions. The questions could be personal, for example:

  • What is my main mission for this lifetime?

  • I am unsure about my job, any advice?

  • Why do I have such a complicated relationship with my mother and how can I change it?

  • Why did I develop diabetes and can it be healed?

  • Can I meet my galactic Soul Family or Spirit Guide?

  • Have I been with my husband in other lifetimes?

  • I had a strange incident happen to me, what happened and why?

  • . . .


Try your best to not have any expectations at all. We are all different and unique and so is each Quantum Healing session. The outcome, as well as the state you will be in during the session will probably be different than you can imagine anyways. It is also very important to know that the state of hypnosis/relaxation is not a place of unconsciousness or anesthesia. You will likely be aware during the session and remember all or most of it afterwards. If you were completely asleep, how could your Higher Self which is part of you, speak through you? All answers are within you and will come to you during the session exactly as needed.

You can make it part of your meditation or daily routine to add a mantra such as "Whatever will happen or not happen is exactly and divinely what I need to experience, see and hear. I trust."

This video will give you great information and I highly recommend listening to it:


Drink lots of water! Water is consciousness and can strengthen your connection to other realms. Start drinking more water daily now.


Try to stay away from caffeine as much as you can. If you usually have lots of coffee during the day avoid a caffeine withdrawal headache and only have a small cup in the morning the day of the session. Avoid alcohol and drugs before the session.


Have a light meal before the session. Make sure you won't be hungry during (remember, it will take 4 hours) but try to avoid very greasy, fried and heavy foods before the session. Bring a snack for afterwards.


Make sure you don't have any additional appointments on the day of the session. Leave room to digest all the information that came through. Take a relaxing walk (in nature if you can) earlier in the day before the session and connect to the intention of your session.

For in-person-sessions:

Leave early before the session so you don't have to rush.


Remember you will be sitting & lying down for around 4 hours or even longer. Make sure you are wearing loose clothing, no or little amounts of jewellery and if possible - little to no make-up (there might be tears as a "release mechanism").


Make sure your phone/doorbell won't ring. If you are sharing your living space with someone, let them know not to knock on your door or walk in the room.



The session will take place on Zoom where you need to have an account. If you don't, simply sign up:, download the program to your computer/laptop/tablet or whatever you will be using for the session. Get comfortable with Zoom before our appointment and make sure your internet connection works very well (best to have a test call with a friend).

Other important equipment for the session:

  • A headset with a microphone (if possible with cable, not Bluetooth)

  • A very good internet connection

  • A working camera on computer/laptop/tablet/... for the sitting part (interview) & the lying part in bed/on sofa/...


by Candace Craw-Goldman, the founder of BQH:

If you have any questions, concerns or need information you couldn't find here, please

reach out.

Star Cluster


johanna quantum

My name is Johanna and I am offering intuitive energy work in Berlin and online.

After a series of depressed phases in my 20s, deeply seeking for knowledge and connection in areas that are not usually being taught or spoken about in school/university, I found the ancient yogic and esoteric teachings, astrology, Dolores Cannon's work and more.

They are the language of my soul and helped me to understand myself and my purpose in this lifetime on this planet.

I am a Yoga & Meditation teacher (and student) and a BQH practitioner.

My mission is to aid humanity during this great time of change by connecting to our hearts and by remembering our truth.


Simply click here and send me an email with a couple of words about why you would like to have a session. If you should have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

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